Legacy+ is a collection of three mods for the pre-alpha versions of Minecraft, namely Classic, Indev and Infdev. Each mod focuses on delivering an enhanced experience based on the original version's mechanics by implementing new content that falls inline with the established design principles, discontinued features in unique ways and quality of life improvements.

Currently, two of the three mods are in a "finished" state and will not be receiving any updates for the forseeable future. However, there are vague plans on revamping them in future updates. For more information, look to the roadmap below.

Key Features

-Four distinct gamemodes.
-Ten different world generation types.
-Four world themes
-Survival multiplayer
-6 unique powerups
-Survival inventory
-Over 100 new blocks
-Gamemode switch
-Singleplayer commands
-Dynamic weather system
-Working armor
-Difficulty option
-Three new mobs
-New save format (NBT)
-GUI scaling, window resizing and fullscreen options
-Improvements to Creative and Survival gamemodes
-New multiplayer commands and enhancements
-Revamped GUI
-Quality of life improvements (e.g. droppable items, leaf decay and sneaking)
-A slew of other new options (Audio, Graphics and Controls)


The mod features 4 distinct gamemodes:

-Creative: Unlimited resources. The default gamemode, which was also a part of the original Minecraft Classic. In Classic+, it also has some quality of life improvements, which will be listed below.
-Survival: Limited resources. Breaking blocks takes time. You have to eat food to recover health and fight against monsters. Also a gamemode from Classic (previously known as Survival Test), but has a plethora of improvements, which will be listed below.
-Spectator: No collisions and HUD, as well as an inability to interact with the world. Only accessible upon dying in survival or arcade mode, or through commands. Also allows for spectating of other players and mobs.
-Arcade: A single-player only gamemode. Mobs spawn in waves, which progressively get more difficult as time goes on. Each wave lasts 5 minutes, and in between waves there is a 3 minute “grace period”, in which only passive mobs exist and serve as an opportunity to stock up on food, resources and equip powerups with points. Blocks cannot be broken in this gamemode by default, unless the Haste powerup is equipped.

World Generation

Aside from the new world types and themes, there are also four new world sizes, world seeds and other world generation options for maximum customizability.

World Types

-Original (0.30 terrain, modified)
-Savanna (0.0.14a terrain, modified)
-Wasteland (0.0.13a terrain, modified)
-Island (0.0.12a terrain, modified)
-Hills (0.0.11a terrain, modified)
-Caves (CGTT inspired terrain)
-Scrambled (4K inspired terrain)
-Desert (original world type)
-Forest (original world type)

NOTE: It is possible to get the vanilla terrain types (e.g. vanilla 0.0.13a terrain) by changing world generation options, listed below.

World Sizes

-Tiny (64x64x64)
-Small (128x64x128)
-Normal (256x64x256)
-Huge (512x64x512)
-Ginormous (1024x64x1024)
-Long (256x64x2048)
-Tall (256x256x256)

World Themes


More World Options

-Level seeds
-Toggles for various world generation options. These include: Liquids, Sand/Gravel beaches, Trees, Flowers/Mushrooms, Ores and Caves.
-Three types of trees: Original oak trees, Cave oak (comes in both a 14a and 14a_08 variety shape) and Cedar

Multiplayer Improvements

Vanilla Classic has creative mode multiplayer, but it is extremely basic by today’s standards. Classic+ not only adds new features and commands to the multiplayer experience, but also full support for survival mode multiplayer.

General Improvements

-Spawn protection in creative mode
-Muting of players
-Whispering to players
-Better teleport command (teleport one player to the other)
-Physics toggle for the server (toggles block ticks)
-Working server authentication using Mojang auth methods.
-Same level generator as client, including all world types and themes.
-Colored player names for admins
-Many new SMP commands (listed in the server README.txt)

Survival Multiplayer

-Complete with a PVP option
-Contains the core gameplay loop found in survival, including all the main elements: Crafting, Scoring, Powerups and Armor.
-Server-side entities (arrows, primed TNT, signs and dropped items)
-Server-side mobs and mob AI, complete with AI toggle
-Server-side weather (toggleable)
-Server-side explosions
-Toggle for survival mode found in the server.properties.
-New player list GUI showing player score and powerup (name changes color based on equipped powerup)
-Respawning free of charge (but takes away 100 pts when done)
-Difficulty toggle (/peaceful).
-Player stats (score, arrows, food, inventory, powerup, health, armor and location) save per server

Gamemode Improvements

Both the Creative and Survival gamemodes have received the same treatment, meaning they both have a plethora of improvements over their original counterparts.

Creative Mode Improvements

-Better creative inventory, with support for multiple pages and a button for accessing survival inventory
-Access to all blocks in the game, including liquids, grass and bedrock
-Creative mode flight (E by default, can be changed in settings), along with a flight speed slider found in the options menu
-Explosive arrows (Default key TAB) for clearing terrain quickly
-Single-player commands accessible through a command block, making it exclusive to creative mode worlds. Commands range from /gamemode and /give, to more advanced ones like /physics, /ai and /fill. For a full list, do /help in-game.
-Debug stick (block ID 125 for use with the /give command). Can be used to instantly grow trees, give 99 of the selected block to the inventory, has silk touch in survival mode and can change a block for any block ID by right-clicking on it (safe for saplings)
-Bio nukes for clearing all living entities (mobs) in the level
-Pressing G spawns Human mobs.
-Writable signs spawnable with H.

Survival Mode Improvements

-Survival mode inventory, with support of up to 3 addition rows, totaling for 36 slots. Also has support for multiple stacks of the same block.
-New healing system with a “side bar”. There are now an additional four slots displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. Pressing TAB switches between these slots, and pressing E activates them. One is for firing arrows, one for consuming mushrooms, one for meat and one for armor. When meat, armor and mushrooms are picked up, they get added to those slots instead, which cap at 50 (for mushrooms) and 16 (for meat and armor).
-Working armor dropped by armored mobs. Acts as a second health bar.
-Powerups, which can be purchased with points. These include: Haste (faster mining), Strength (deal double damage to enemies), Speed (run 50% faster), Regeneration (regenerate health slowly overtime), Silk Touch (blocks drop themselves, exclusive to survival) and Resistance (take 50% damage, exclusive to arcade mode). Only one powerup can be equipped at any given time, but they don’t have a time limit and only go away if replaced by another powerup or the player dies.
-Crafting: Pressing C while there’s 4 or more planks in the inventory will give the player a crafter. Crafting is done by placing two blocks above it to produce a new block (e.g. white cloth with a rose on top will produce red cloth). All blocks (except concrete, snow, command blocks, bio nukes, bedrock, liquids and natural blocks) are obtainable this way.
-Respawning: In certain difficulties, the player can spend 1,000 pts upon dying to respawn. They will keep their inventory and respawn at their spawn point, but lose any powerups they may have had equipped as a penalty.
-Difficulties: Peaceful (no hostile mobs, health recovers over time, powerups and respawning are free), Normal (Player can respawn for 1,000 points upon dying), Hard (original difficulty with no respawning) and Expert (player isn’t allowed to respawn, use powerups and save their level).
-Spawn point saving and reloading: Using obsidian (obtained from making lava and water meet), players can set their spawn point anywhere in the world, and get healed upon doing so. A special and rare mob also drops golden apples, which can be used to fully heal the player and bring them back to their spawn point.
-Smelting: Placing sand or gravel in lava will produce glass/bricks.
-Leaf decay in Survival mode.

New Blocks

There are over 100 new blocks in the game. Most are decorative blocks, but some also serve a purpose. Below is a complete list of all of them:
-Cave leaves and logs, which make up 14a trees
-Wet sand (14a sand texture, generates in savanna, island and woods worlds)
-Pebbles (14a gravel texture, generates in savanna, island and woods worlds)
-Snow (uses the unused white texture found in the 14a_08 terrain.png file)
-White Gold (14a gold texture, generates in savanna and island worlds)
-Quartz (new rare ore type, drops crystals)
-Cave Wood (dropped by cave logs)
-Cherry Wood (crafted with cave wood and a rose)
-Polished Iron and Gold (dropped by blackslate iron and white gold/blackslate gold respectively, use the old gold texture from 20a, edited variant in the case of iron)
-Ice (generates in winter worlds)
-Cobwebs (produced by spiders, slow down all mobs except slimes and spiders)
-Shrubs (grow into 14a trees)
-New slabs: Wood, Cave Wood, Cherry Wood, Cedar Wood, Cobblestone, Mossy Cobblestone, Bricks, Dry Bricks, Granite, Sandstone, Stone Brick, Mossy Stone Brick, Dirt and Mud
-16 colors of planks, using the same color palette as cloth
-16 colors of bricks, using the same color palette as cloth
-16 colors of stained glass, suing the same color palette as cloth
-Moss (cave game grass, found in the caves world type)
-Rocks (cave game stone, found in the caves world type)
-Podzol (4k grass, found in woods and scrambled world types. Converts to mud when obstructed)
-Mud (4k dirt, found in woods and scrambled world types. Converts to podzol when placed near it )
-Granite (4k stone, found in woods and scrambled world types)
-Blackslate ores (special variant of ores only found in the woods type)
-Cedar leaves and logs, make up cedar trees in the woods type
-Cedar saplings, grow into cedar trees
-Cedar planks, dropped from cedar logs
-Coal blocks, dropped from coal
-Dry bricks, produced by pebbles in lava
-Command blocks, used to access commands (creative only)
-Super sponge (absorbs a 5x5x5 area of water)
-Lava sponge (absorbs a 5x5x3 area of lava)
-Bio nuke (clears all mobs in the level. Creative only)
-Jumppads (make the player jump up to 10 blocks in the air)
-Cactus (generate naturally in deserts and wastelands. Hurt entities that walk on them or players that hit them with an empty fist)
-Crafter (used for crafting blocks)
-Petunia and Lilacs, generate naturally in flower patches
-Corals (Yellow, Red, Blue and Purple. Generate in large coral reefs underwater. Drop their respective sponge types, safe for purple)
-Pillars and Pillar bases
-Fences (2d renders, cannot be vaulted over by mobs, 4 types total)
-Candles (light up a small area around them)
-Sandstone (generates below sand and before stone in deserts, can be crafted with stone and sand)
-Magma (generates naturally underwater. Hurt mobs that step on it)
-Stone and Mossy stone bricks
-Doors (2d renders, can be opened/closed by right click and walked through when open, 4 types total)
-Ropes (can be climbed like ladders)

New Mobs

In addition to existing mob changes, there are three new mobs added in this mod:
-Bunnies: Passive and hop around. Change skin based on world theme. Have a 50% chance to drop a mushroom.
-Slimes: Work like they would normally. Split into 4 smaller variants. Smallest slimes don’t hurt the player and have a 1 in 4 chance to drop a mushroom. Also change skin based on world theme. Spawn up to size 4 naturally (size 16 when encountered as a boss in arcade mode)
-A special, secret boss mob with 1,000 health, which drops TNT and golden apples on death. Changes to existing mobs include:
-Armored zombies and skeletons have 5 extra hit points, amounting to 25 total health instead of 20, and have a 50% chance to drop armor.
-Spiders have a 50% chance t o spawn with an alternative skin (brown spiders from 0.26), and leave behind cobwebs overtime.
-Pigs have a 50% chance to drop meat, which heals for 2.5 hearts.
-Creepers (and explosions in general) will now blow up stone (but not ores or harder stone materials, like obsidian, cobblestone, stone bricks etc.)

New Options

The mod brings a ton of new options:
-Autosave (level saves automatically when the game is closed)
-Fullscreen option
-GUI scale option
-Particle option (All, minimal or no particles)
-Block transparency toggle
-Block animations toggle
-Clouds and Fog toggles
-Vertex and color offsets
-Texture pack support
-Scroll-wheel invert
-Sneak mode (toggle vs hold)
-Alternate mouse controls (right-click for build mode found in earlier classic versions)
-Sliders for: FOV, Mouse Sensitivity, Flight Speed, Volumes (Master, Music, Mobs, Ambience and Sounds)
-Alternate sound style (Classic VS Alpha, where Classic is inspired by the sound test mockup video by C418, and Alpha is the standard sound engine from Indev)
-Alternate GUI style (Regular textured buttons and dark dirt background VS original flat buttons and light dirt background)
-New keybinds for any key in the game (except mouse clicks)

GUI Improvements

The mod overhauls the GUI in a major way:
-Actual title and splash screens. The title screen has three styles: A modern style with a panorama background, randomly chosen from 6 different world images, the classic style with a dirt background and the aforementioned original style with light dirt background and flat button textures.
-Revamped level generation screen, with buttons for selecting size, world type, world theme and gamemode, along with a more world options screen containing the terrain feature toggles and level seed input field.
-Ability to delete existing levels saved to the slots
-Multiplayer connect screen, with options for a direct connection or adding custom servers. Custom servers will display their status (gamemode or “error” if they are down) and player count.
-Revamped options screen, with main options up top and separate screens for graphics options, audio options and controls
-Revamped keybinds screen which scrolls through all the different keybind options

Quality of Life Improvements

-Weather in survival mode: Every 15-20 mins it rains for about 3 minutes. The rain will be snow if the theme is winter, or a sandstorm if it’s a desert world. Sky, cloud and fog color changes and the world becomes slightly darker when raining, with small chance for flowers and saplings to grow
-Indev sound engine, including new sounds such as explosion sounds, mob sounds, arrow sounds, more diverse block step sounds, water splash sounds etc.
-Ambient sounds: Inspired by C418’s sound test mockup. You can hear bird chirps near trees (crickets if theme is night), wave splashing near water, cave chimes in the underground, underwater sounds and rain sounds.
-More particles: Explosion smolder, smoke puffs when mobs die, lava blob particles, smoke particles, splash and bubble particles.
-Offline level saving to the slots
-NBT levels for better saving support
-Get a new location by pressing N (Works in the same way respawning by pressing R worked in classic 0.0.13a_03 and earlier)
-Ability to drop items by pressing Q
-Can place blocks inside dropped item entities (they will move up if inside a block)
-Ability to zoom in on things with Z
-Ability to ignite TNT in creative
-Ability to kill mobs in creative
-Mobs ignore you in creative and spectator (unless provoked)
-New debug screen values: Player coordinates (x, y, z), Level seed, currently hovered block id, mob ID and mob name.
-Screenshots with F2
-Isometric screenshots with F7
-Third person view, including front facing camera with F5
-Quicksave and Quickload toggles (F9 and F10 by default)
-Improved arrows (They make sounds, shake on impact and fall if the block they are on is broken)
-Falling sand/gravel entities

Key Features

-Four distinct gamemodes.
-10 world types
-5 world themes
-Character system that allows for world hopping.
-Achievements, statistics, challenges and unlockable recipes.
-Seasons with environmental effects
-Weather system (rain, thunder, snow, fog and wind)
-Fully functional multiplayer based on MrLordSith's Indev MP mod
-12 new mobs
-End-game "charm" items, which give buffs when equipped.
-Blood moon mechanic
-New items (spears, battleaxes, quivers, golden apples, emerald tools and more)
-New building blocks (more wood types, tables, chairs, doors, ladders, fences and more)
-Rails and minecarts
-Cogs and machine blocks
-Overhaul to water system
-Single-player commands
-Crawling and better swimming
-New and overhauled GUI
-New options such as GUI scale, fancy/fast items and clouds, multiple audio sliders and more.
-Quality of life improvements (e.g. better crafting, sneaking, respawning etc.)

Character System

To play the mod, one must make a character. Your character determines several things: Your gamemode, game rules such as keep inventory and difficulty, as well as statistics and achievements. You can also set a custom, local skin for your character, assuming the file you provide is correct (64x32 png file). There are up to 5 character slots. Characters cannot join worlds whose cheats and gamemode values do not match with the character’s own (e.g. a survival character cannot join a world in creative mode or one with cheats enabled). World values get set based on the character who was last in the world.
This system allows for changing worlds whilst keeping your inventory and progress, meaning you can visit any world and swap between different worlds.
To create a new character, simply click on the “Switch” button in the main screen (where the character preview is) and click on one of the empty slots. You can also manage characters (edit their name/skin) or delete them from this screen.


The mod features 3 distinct gamemodes:
-Creative: Unlimited resources and god mode. Has a unique inventory attached to it.
-Survival: Limited resources and health. Mining takes time and requires specific tools. The default gamemode.
-Spectator: No collissions and HUD, as well as the inability to interact with the world. Only accessible upon dying in hardcore mode or via commands. Also allows spectating of other players or mobs.
-Hardcore: Difficulty locked to hard and one life only. If you die, you’re done for good

World Generation

Apart from the new world types, original world types and themes have received a lot of improvements.

World types

-Island - the default world type. Like most world types, it has some changes over vanilla islands, in particular the addition of apple trees, reeds, clay and two new flowers to the generator. If a level of any world type is generated in autumn, summer or winter, it will also have pumpkins, melons or berry bushes respectively.
-Floating - unlike the original, it has cloud blocks in place of floating sand and gravel. Also the only place where harpies spawn naturally.
-Flat – Unchanged from original, besides the new trees and flowers.
-Desert – As the name implies, the entire world is a desert with frequent oasis’ scattered about. Only place where palm trees generate naturally and where antlions spawn. Watch out for the quicksand pits!
-Caves – The entire world is a series of massive caverns with many hazards, but also great rewards. Ore veins here are massive, and this is the only world where adminium ore generates naturally, though it is insanely rare and only found in small blobs near the bottom. There are also occasional lush parts of the cave with moss and trees. Only place where dark oak, gloshrooms, spikes and the aforementioned moss spawn naturally. Unique mobs to this area include bats and slimes.
-Mountains – Mountainous terrain similar to Alpha’s mountains, albeit using 2D perlin. Frequent exposed stone and gravel patches.
-Ocean – The entire world is an ocean with a floor filled with coral, seaweed and magma. Generates 6-12 glass spheres (depending on the world size), each with its own unique terrain (some consist of grassy areas with trees, others with stone and ore and some with sand and cactus). Only place where jellyfish and fish spawn naturally.
-Moon – A bit of a joke world type. It is set in space, with the only block being moon rock. Only place where the MD3 mobs spawn naturally.
-Marshland – Terrain is quite flat and has a lot of water. Good source of clay. Only place where lilypads generate naturally.
-Inland – Pretty much the same as vanilla, based off 0.30 terrain. Of course, it has all the new blocks.

World Themes

-Normal – Untouched
-Hell – Vastly different. For starters, instead of replacing sand with grass, it has both, with grass generating in small patches. Most trees in a hell world are dead, with no leaves on them whatsoever. There is also frequent magma on the surface and large brimstone pillars in the lava. This is the only theme where Fire Imps spawn naturally.
-Paradise – Only difference is a cow has a 5% chance to spawn as a moobloom in this theme.
-Woods – Only theme where birch trees generate naturally (15% chance to replace an oak tree)
-Shroomland – New theme. Grass is replaced by mycelium and trees are replaced with large mushrooms. Only mooshrooms and hostiles spawn.

More World Options

-Level seeds
-Toggles for the indev house: Original plank house, mossy cobble “debug” house complete with chests (if cheats are enabled) and no house.
-Stater season + seasonal lock.
-Fully customizable world sizes (sliders for width, height and length) instead of the preset sizes and shapes from vanilla indev.


They control the environment, such as: Weather conditions, day length, crop growth and passive mob spawn rates. Colder seasons have slower crop growth, shorter days and less passive mobs. Each season lasts 30 in-game days, and the color of grass, leaves, reeds and lily pads changes as the season progresses.
Some seasons have special events during their peak. For Spring, bird ambience will play. For Summer, crickets will play at night and fireflies will spawn. For Autumn, leaf particles will fall from leaf blocks. Winter has nothing special at its peak, other than the day being only 25% of the full cycle.
Seasons can be locked. When locked, the season progress remains at its peak. Both blood moons and seasons are added to improve longevity in the same finite world.

Blood Moons

On all difficulties except peaceful and all world types and themes except paradise, caves and moon, there is a 1 in 10 chance for every night to have a blood moon. When this happens, mob spawn rates are increased, chance of armored mobs is much higher, torches will begin burning out overtime (this scales with difficulty, meaning the lower the difficulty, the less likely a torch is to burn out every game tick) and giants will spawn. Giants are essential as they drop adminium, which is the endgame resource required for all the powerful items, charms, lanterns and other useful blocks.


With seasons come new weather conditions. Each season has it s own specific weather, and some themes change said weather. Weather does not occur in paradise, caves and moon worlds. Below is a list of all weather conditions:
Rain – Happens during spring, summer and autumn. Rain will fill up partial water blocks, douse fires and burning mobs, and darken the sky. Hell rain damages all entities that are outside. Can be avoided if the player equips a hellfire ring.:
Thunder – Happens only during summertime. Lightning strikes occasionally, leaving behind fire and damaging nearby mobs. The sky darkens even more, enough for hostiles to spawn on surface level even during the day.:
Wind – Happens only during autumn. Randomly changes direction and force. Moves dropped item entities and particles aboveground.:
Fog – Happens only during winter. Randomly changes density and distance, limiting the player’s view. The actual fog density is the same as the render distances in vanilla.:
Snowfall – Happens only during winter. Slowly fills up the world with snow layers, which can stack up to full blocks.:
Sandstorm – Replaces rain and snowfall in desert worlds. Generates sand layers.:
Ashfall – Replaces snowfall in winter hell worlds. Generates ash layers.

Survival + Creative Multiplayer

Based on MrLordSith’s Indev MP mod. Complete with commands and all Indev+ content. Unfortunately, it does not support world hopping due to a lack of a character system. For more information, check out the readme provided with the server.

Achievements and Challenges

The mod adds 50 achievements and 34 challenges, split into several categories. Each of these has different requirements for completion. Some are from vanilla, whilst others are entirely unique to the mod. Achievements are intended to teach players the basics of the game and what the mod has to offer, whilst challenges are supposed to be harder to obtain and make the player feel rewarded for their progression and efforts. I am not going to list all of them here, as I highly encourage you to explore them for yourselves.


There are several statistics being tracked. Both these and achievements are tied to the player character currently in use. The statistics are very much the same as modern Minecraft. General statistics also include some mod specific ones like amount of torches relit. There are also block, item and mob statistics, with each tracking e.g. how many blocks were broken, how many times an item was used or how many times a mob has been killed.


There is an in-game recipe list, which acts differently than you would expect. Instead of giving you all the recipes at once, it only adds recipes to the list once you craft something for the first time. This way, it incentivizes player exploration and makes them figure things out for their own at first, but once they unlock a recipe, they can always go back and look at it in case they forget it.

New Blocks

The mod adds a wide variety of blocks. Some are decorative, whilst others have unique perks to them. Below is a full list:
-New brick types: Stone, mossy stone, brimstone, moon rock
-New stone types: Sandstone, Red Sandstone (both with smooth variants), moon rock, brimstone
-New ores: Emerald and Adminium
-New wood types: Birch, Palm and Dark Oak
-Stripped variants of logs – Right-click a log with an axe
-Grass path blocks – Right-click a grass block with a shovel.
-Mycelium – Can be used to fertilizer mushrooms into their large counterpart
-Moss – Has a small chance to drop a random seed when mined
-Clay – Can be smelted into bricks
-Quicksand (player can actually sink in it)
-Coral – Can be smelted into sponge
-Stained glass in the same colors as wool
-Block of coal, emerald and adminium
-Magma – Hurts entities on touch and creates air bubbles 2 blocks above it when in water.
-Liquids – New overhauled mechanics. Instead of evaporating, they spread out in a limited range, similar to Infdev water. Otherwise are still finite, meaning they flow down to fill areas.
-Barrel – Can be used for portable storage (like a mini shulker box)
-Bookshelf – Not new but is now a tile entity that must be filled with books. Its texture changes based on how full it is. Also has a new crafting recipe now.
-Jukebox to play music discs with
-Note block, complete with a display
-Adminium Chest – Stores items across worlds. Inventory is per character.
-Adminium Lamp – Can be turned on when powered.
-Generator – Creates power power when it is fed fuel (coal, charcoal or lava)
-Transformer – Turns off adjacent running generators after a certain delay (can be adjusted)
-Regulator – Turns on adjacent generators after a certain delay (can be adjusted)
-Detector – Turns on adjacent generators when an entity is detected in close proximity to it.
-Fan – Pushes items away up to 5 blocks when powered.
-Vacuum – Sucks items in its inventory from up to 5 blocks away when powered. Can also function as a hopper.
-Pump – Drains a 5x5x5 area of liquid (both water and lava) when powered.
-Pulley – Essentially a piston. Can be extended manually when unpowered, so when powered it has the reverse effect.
-Golden Pulley – Sticky piston
-Hay Bale – Crafted from wheat.
-Pumpkin – Generates naturally in autumn worlds. Can be crafted into seeds or pumpkin pastries using wheat.
-Melon – Generates naturally in summer worlds.
-Mushroom Stem
-Mushroom cap
-Snow block – Crafted from snowballs
-Ice – Forms naturally on water while it is snowing.
-Slime block – Trampoline. Crafted from 9 slimeballs.
-Cloud block – Negates all fall damage when landed in it.
-Cactus – Hurts entities that touch it.
-Stairs of all main materials (wood, stone, brick)
-New slab types (wood, brick etc.)
-Fence gates
-Chairs – Can be sat in or made into a stool if right-clicked with an axe.
-Tables – Can be connected to make larger tables. You can place item frames or other blocks like torches, flower pots and lanterns on them.
-Trapdoors – Both wood and iron variants
-Lightning rods – Attract lightning in a 10x1x10 area around them.
-Windows – Glass panes essentially, but with wooden frames.
-Iron bars
-Unlit torch – Normal torches turn to it randomly during blood moons.
-Rails and booster tracks
-Cogs – Not new, but now function as vertical redstone. Can be powered by generators and have a reach of 8. They are also able to go vertically and around outer corners.
-Ropes – Can be stacked below infinitely if placed on the bottom face of a block.
-Lanterns – Permanent light source crafted with a gold block and adminium
-New saplings: Apple tree, birch, palm and dark oak
-Berry bush – Only generate in winter worlds. Grow berries overtime
-Dead bush – Only generate in deserts and drop sticks
-New flowers: Petunia and Lilac
-Gloshrooms - Used to make glodust and gloshroom stew.
-Vines – Only generate in lush caves
-Seaweed – Only generates in ocean worlds.
-Lily pads – Only generate in marshlands
-Cobwebs – Produced by spiders during bloodmoons when indoors. Slow down all entities that walk over them except spiders.
-Spikes – Generate naturally in caves worlds. Instant kill if a mob falls on them with enough force.
-Carpets of all 16 colors
-Layer blocks: Ash (generate during ashfall in winter hell worlds or after fire goes away naturally), snow, sand and leaf piles
-Doors: Oak, Birch, Palm, Dark Oak and Iron
-Signs for all wood types, including hanging signs
-Flower pots
-Beds – Can be used to rest in them. When resting, player health recovers slowly overtime. Cannot be used during a blood moon.
-Apple pie – Essentially the same as a cake
-Melon and Pumpkin stems – Grow pumpkins and melons, just like in b1.8
-Reeds – Used to make paper. Generate naturally near water or when fertilizing grass next to water.

New Items

There are a plethora of new items added in the mod. Below is a full list of them:
-Item Frames – Items inside can be rotated in 8 different angles and can be placed on the top face of a block.
-Paper – Used to craft books
-Books – Crafted from paper. Used to craft book and quill or fill up bookshelves.
-Book and Quill – Works like in 1.4, except they have 100 pages and unsigned ones open on the last page.
-Buckets – Can be filled with water/lava as expected.
-Leather – Dropped by cows and used to make studded armor.
-Hellfire Arrow – Crafted with adminium. Deals double t he damage of a regular arrow and sets mobs on fire.
-Slimeball – Dropped by slimes and used to make climbing gloves, skyrunner boots and slime blocks.
-Fireball – Dropped rarely by fire imps. Thrown projectile that sets mobs and blocks it lands on ablaze. Can be used to craft a hellfire ring.
-Harpy feather – Dropped by harpies. Can be used to craft skyrunner boots.
-Antlion pincer – Dropped rarely by antlions. Can be smelted into extract.
-Jellyfish tentacle – Dropped rarely by jellyfish. Can be used to craft a sea necklace.
-Fish fin – Dropped rarely by fish. Can be used to craft a sea necklace.
-Blood tear – Dropped rarely by Rana. Can be used to craft a blood pearl.
-Blood pearl – Crafting component for adminium chest and bracelet. Can also be used to forcefully summon a blood moon.
-Charcoal – Obtained by smelting logs. Crafts only 2 torches and has half the burn time of regular coal.
-Emerald – Used to make emerald tools and armor, the second best set after diamond.
-Raw iron, gold and adminium – Dropped by their respective ores. Can be smelted into ingots.
-Bricks – Smelted from clay balls. Can be crafted into brick blocks.
-Clay balls – Dropped by clay.
-Snowballs and Sandballs – dropped by their respective layers.
-Ashes – Dropped by ash layers. Crafting ingredient for fertilizer.
-Fertilizer – Made from bone meal and ashes. Can be used to instantly grow trees, crops, flowers etc.
-Antlion extract – Vital crafting ingredient for the lucky coin
-Glodust – Essential crafting ingredient for several charms.
-Minecarts – Regular, chest, furnace and TNT.
-Gloshroom stew – Same as regular stew but gives 1 minute of nightvision. Crafted from gloshrooms.
-Fish – Can be caught with a fishing rod and cooked.
-Rotten flesh – 75% chance to damage the player and 25% chance to heal them. Dropped by zombies. Stacks up to 4.
-Bred now stacks to 2
-Apples now stack to 2 and are obtainable from apple trees.
-Golden Apples – Crafted from 8 gold blocks and an apple. Give 5 temporary golden hearts and can go up to 10. These hearts last until the player gets hit and loses them.
-Melons – Stack to 4 and heal 1 heart each.
-Berries – Stack to 8 and heal half a heart each.
-Pumpkin Pastry – heals 5 hearts.
-Music discs – Crafted with adminium and a resource in the middle. Most is music made by Soybean_56.
-Dyes – Crafted from flowers and can be mixed and matched.
-Bones and bone meal
-Spawn eggs
-Battleaxes – Deal same damage as an axe but have extra knockback.
-Spears – Deal same damage as an axe but have extra reach. Can also be thrown.
-Fishing Rod – Can be used to lure mobs or fish.
-Quiver – Equipped in the quiver slot. Enables three additional arrow slots when equipped. Takes damage whenever an arrow is fired.
-Adminium Quiver – Double durability of a standard quiver. Gives infinite arrows when equipped. The arrows fired cannot be collected and deal normal damage. They also override hellfire arrows, meaning it cannot be combined with them.
-Hellfire Lighter – Creates hellfire, which can be used to instantly smelt anything thrown in it, much like Indev 0.31.
-Studded armor – Crafted from leather.
-Chain armor now obtainable by throwing studded armor in hellfire.
-Emerald tools and armor: Have durability of 512 and are a tier between iron and diamonds. Required to mine diamonds.
-Moon Watch - Used to predict if the following night will be a blood moon.
-Hellfire Ring - Makes the player immune to fire and lava damage. Can be used when right-clicking with an empty hand to shoot a fireball and damage the item for 15. Goes in the charm slot.
-Necklace of the Sea - Makes the player mine blocks faster underwater and see further. Also makes the player amphibious. If crawling over water with it equipped, it will turn the water into ice and take damage. Goes in the charm slot.
-Lucky Coin: When equipped, it has a chance to drop 1-3 of a mined ore, and guarantees flint/seeds from gravel/moss respectively. Goes in the charm slot.
-Adminium Shield – Absorbs all explosion damage and deflects arrows (takes 1 damage per arrow deflect). Goes in the charm slot.
-Skyrunner’s Boots – Increases player movement speed with 25% when equipped in the boots slot. Also doubles player jump height and allows for gliding. When in midair and holding jump, the player will glide slowly. When gliding, the item takes 1 point of damage every 20 ticks (1 second).
-Spectacles – Gives the player permanent night vision when equipped. Takes damage equal to the amount the player takes when being hit. Goes in the charm slot.
-Climbing gloves – Allows the player to climb any surface. Also increases unarmed damage by 3 points, making the player deal the same amount of damage as wooden sword when punching with nothing equipped. This causes the item to take damage. Goes in the charm slot.
-Magic mirror – Allows pressing of R to be brought back to spawn (just like in creative mode) when equipped in the charm slot. Takes 25 pts of damage per respawn, meaning it can be used about 11 times.
-Builder’s bracelet – Increases block reach by 2 blocks and applies a haste effect on all blocks mined. 1 in 4 chance to take 1 point of damage per block mined. Goes in the charm slot.
-Debug stick – Creative-only item. Used to switch between block states.

Changes to existing items

-Bows now take damage.
-Buffed durability of all tools: Wooden tools now have 64 durability, stone 128, iron 256 and diamond 1024.
-Golden tools have silk touch applied to them, golden hoes guarantee seed drops and golden weapons have looting.
-Changed the armor mechanic to be that of early release, wherein armor tiers give set defense, rather than all tiers giving same defense which lowers with how damaged the armor gets.

New Mobs

The mod adds a wide variety of new mobs. Each has its unique traits and most spawn in specific world types. Before is an overview of all of them:
-Cows – Can be dark or white. Drop leather.
-Ducks – Drop feathers when killed. Act same as chickens.
-Foxes – Only spawn during winter. Change skin based on conditions (white if snowing, desert if in a desert). Hunt ducks and are passive until provoked. Drop leather.
-Antlion – Spawns only in desert worlds and on sand. Smaller and faster than spiders but share a similar AI. From time to time, they bury in the sand. When in this state, they look around before emerging, or shoot nearby players if provoked. If the block they are on is broken, or the player moves out of their range, they will emerge to attack head on. If hit directly while in this state, they teleport to a nearby location (similar to endermen). Drop antlion pincers used to make lucky coins.
-Mummy – Zombies that don’t burn up in the sun. Only spawn in desert worlds on sand.
-Fire Imp – Only spawn in hell worlds. Move very quickly and are small. Shoot fireballs at the player. Drop fireballs used to make hellfire rings.
-Harpy – Spawns only in floating worlds. Flies around and shoots feathers at the player, similar to ghasts. If the player is far away enough, they charge towards them with insane speeds. Drop harpy feathers used to make skyrunner boots.
-Slimes – Act as expected, split into smaller slimes on death. Drop slimeballs used to make climbing gloves, slime blocks and skyrunner boots. Only spawn in caves worlds.
-Bats – Spawn upsie down and sleeping. Will wake up and attack if they detect a nearby player. Only spawn in caves worlds.
-Jellyfish – Spawn only in ocean worlds. Aren’t hostile but hurt players on touch. Glow in the dark. Drop jellyfish tentacles used to make the sea necklace.
-Fish – Only spawn in ocean worlds. Drop fish and fish fins. Passive.
-Steve, Black Steve, Beast Boy and Rana – Only spawn in moon worlds. Passive until provoked. Drop string, gunpowder, feathers and roses/apples/blood tears respectively.
-Mooshrooms and Mooblooms – Spawn in shroomland/paradise worlds respectively. Can be sheared with a golden sword.

Changes to existing mobs

-Pigs now have 3D snouts.
-Sheep can spawn in one of three colors: White, light grey and dark grey. They also eat grass if sheared until they regrow their wool, similarly to survival test.
-Zombies and Skeletons have a chance to spawn wearing armor. This protects them a little bit and means they have a slight chance to drop their armor when killed.
-Spiders can now climb walls.
-Giants now spawn naturally during blood moons and drop adminium on death.
-Humans are now spawnable in creative mode using spawn eggs or commands. They drop lighters.

New Options

Some of the new options you will find in the mod include:
-Mouse sensitivity slider
-FOV slider
-Scroll invert
-Sneak mode (toggle/hold)
-GUI scale
-Proper Vsync support
-Effects (stuff like overlays and fancier sunsets)
-Particles (All, only blocks, none)
-Dark Mode UI
-3D Particles
-3D/2D/No Clouds
-3D held/dropped items
-Fancy/fast leaves
-More volume options in the form of sliders: Master, Music, General sounds, Ambience, Mobs, Jukebox, Block sounds
-New keybinds: Sneaking, crawling, zoom, flight, pause, toggle HUD, take screenshot
-Texture pack support

GUI Improvements

Below are all the GUI elements and screens that were overhauled:
-Title screen now has an animated logo, panorama/dirt background toggle with randomly chosen panoramic images, buttons for single and multi player, generate random level button, quit game button and credits button. Additionally, there is a character display and switch button.
-World select screen is similar to Beta. Each world shows information about it, including the world name, file name, world type/theme/season, gamemode, cheats and size. Based on world type and theme, the world will have a different icon which lights up when selected to make it clear from the start what type of world you will be joining. Worlds are sorted by last played.
-Create level screen includes a field for world name, world size in all 3 axis and more world options (seed, type, theme, season and indev house).
-Multiplayer screen is similar to Classic+, but even better, as it shows active server status and ping. Otherwise pretty similar to Classic+/Beta 1.8
-Options screen is organized into categories: General, Graphics, Audio, Controls and Packs. Each screen has a selection of options and is scrollable.
-Achievements screen is unique and organized by achievement categories in a long list. Statistics screen is almost the same as vanilla, with the exception of mob statistics.
-Survival inventory has an additional slot for quiver, arrow slots that are available when the quiver is equipped, and a charm slot for the new charm items. There are also advanced item tooltips and shift-clicking.
-Creative inventory is the b1.8 one with an added search function and categories: Blocks, Decoration, Items, Tools, Survival Inventory and All Items.
-Debug screen has a lot of new values: GPU, driver, lwjgl version, OS, Java version, coordinates, currently selected block and mob, current light level, tile entity count, seed, current day and season in the world, wind force and direction, fog distance and density.

Quality of Life Improvements

-Shift-clicking in the inventory
-Right-click to equip items like armor, quivers and charms
-Pick block in survival and creative modes
-Flight in creative mode
-Faster swimming underwater + instant crawl state, similar to 1.13
-Ambient sounds: Birds chirping during spring, crickets during summer nights, waves near water and wind during autumn.
-3D particles, items and clouds
-Fancier and more particles
-Better painting selection using a custom GUI
-Items float up in water (just like in 1.13)
-Zoom key
-Screenshots with F2
-Front facing camera view
-Tons of bug fixes from vanilla

Coming Soon™




Q: Where can I get the mod(s)?
A: From the direct links found in the downloads page, the Betacraft mods repository or the Codex-Ipsa mods repository

Q: How can I run the mod(s)?
A: The easiest way is to run them through Betacraft's mods repository. Get the Betacraft launcher from: https://betacraft.uk/. Then go to Edit Instance > Mods repository and choose the mod and version you wish to play on. If using MultiMC, make a new instance (c0.30 for classic+, inf-20100618 for in+ and inf+) and replace jar (add jar in the case of infdev+) with the downloaded mod jar.
//TODO Codex-Ipsa guide

Q: How can I join the development team?
A: Currently, we are not really "hiring" anyone in particular. About the only people who are able to help us out at this time are a dedicated networking engineer/programmer and potentially additional artists would always be good. If you fit the former and have experience in networking (especially Minecraft multiplayer) and wish to join the team, reach out to Dejvoss on Discord (@dejvoss) to get in contact with method, the lead developer

Q: Can you add x feature?
A: No. The mods have a set goal in mind and are based around the lead developer, method's own vision for the game and what he wants from it.

Q: What about Alpha+ and Beta+?
A: I will not be working on those, since they technically already exist in the form of NSSS (for Alpha) and BTA (for Beta). Both are fantastic mods, so make sure to check them out!

Q: Where can I get older versions of the mods?
A: Through Betacraft or Codex-Ipsa. If you're looking for pre-release versions, those are only given privately to testers, as they are not obfuscated nor ready for public consumption.

Q: What versions are the mods based on?
A: Classic+ is c0.30c, Indev+ is in-20100223 and Infdev+ is inf-20100630-1